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Welcome to our school website.  These pages have been developed to provide our community with information and resources about our school.


We hope you are able to find out more about Langley Primary - if you have a question for us please feel free to call.


Headteacher: Dr Tony James


Here are some of the comments in our recent Ofsted Report in 2013.


Pupilsí achievement across the school is good because they are well taught.


Teachers are skilled at helping pupils to know how well they have done

and what they need to do to improve their work.

Targeted small group support for pupils who may be finding work difficult is very effective in helping them to

make rapid improvements.


 A wide range of memorable events mean pupils are excited about their learning.


Pupils behave well and feel safe.

 There are strong relationships between all in the school and, as a result,

the school is a cohesive and tolerant community.


                                                                                      OFSTED Report 2013








In 2012 we were awarded our Basic Skills Quality Mark. This means that we have kept improving the school well over the last 3 years.


   If you would like to read our Prospectus please scroll to the bottom of this page or look in the documents section.    Word Attachment 


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 After School Provision

Monday to Friday 


£2 per child per day


£3 per child per day


£4 per child per day


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New OfSTED Report available - go to the document page!


School opens for pupils on Tuesday 7th Jan


School begins at 8.50am.

Please do not be late!     














Langley Primary School

Titford Road



0121 5521744






Breakfast Club 

 Available from 7.45am each morning 

 £1.50 perday from 8pm £2 per day from 7.45am




Some comments from our OFSTED Report in February 2011

Teaching is consistently Good and sometimes Outstanding

A particular strength is the strong emphasis on promoting writing skills. Pupils especially enjoy the "Irresistable Learning lessons, where they learn a broad range of skills through a themed approach. A good range of sporting and other activities, visits and visitors extend the curriculum.


Parents and carers talk enthusiastically about how much their children enjoy coming to school.

The parents expressed confidence in the way the school looks after their children. Pupil's needs are well known, and they recieve high quality individual support.


The pupil's behaviour is good.

Relationships are positive amongst pupils, who say that there is no bullying in the school. This is due to a consistent approach to behaviour management by all the adults at the school, coupled with an interesting and stimulating curriculum.


Children make good progress in the Early Years Foundation Stage across all areas of learning.

The learning environment offers a wide range of stimulating activities. Good behaviour helps to keep them safe.

 Some comments from our OFSTED Report in February 2011  Some comments from our OFSTED Report in February 2011   
































































































































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